An audio and video hangout for gamers who like to talk about all sorts of video games!

This is the home for Gamer Hangout, a bi-weekly pod/vidcast for gamers who like to talk about, you know, games, toys, tech and all sorts of geeky stuff. We mention MMORPGs mostly, but we do talk about everything in gaming culture. We’ll even occasionally throw in some pop culture or toy talk, so keep an ear out. Join Beau, Eboni, Cindy and others as they talk — and gripe — about gaming. A new show every two weeks!

WP_20150304_10_13_02_SelfieBeau Hindman: – Author of Anna the Powerful, a PG13 – rated sci-fi novel about the world’s only superhero. You can purchase it right here! Freelance writer who also loves art, drumming and gaming. PR and Community Manager and blogging since 2002.


Beau has been a host of podcasts since 2006 and has kept an online blog since 2002. He loves gaming, art, drumming and writing about himself in the third person. He started Gamer Hangout a few years ago as a response to the need to hang out with fellow nerds to discuss gaming and nerd culture.


e78rAPlyEboni – Wannabe Programmer. Sushi Snob. Cartoon affectionado. Casual Gamer and RPer. Sapiosexual. I only tweet about fun stuff.




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