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Gamer Hangout for May/2/15: What goes into making a character?

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Download the audio right here!

Eboni and Beau sit down to talk about the process behind making a character in a game. And yes, we get to fan fiction!

The blog called “I don’t create character, I lie down on a couch.”

See you in two weeks!


Gamer Hangout Podcast for 18APR15 – MUDs! and reintroductions!

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Listen here:

This time around we are going for a podcast! It’s been a while since we did just an audio ‘cast, but here it is. We (beau and Eboni) talk about MUDs and why we like em!

Email the show at !

We will be hoesting podcasts probably every two weeks. If there is a particular game topic that you’d like us to cover, let us know!


A Gamer Hangout podcast?

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Sure, why not? The video casts are great but can be a lot of trouble for other people. Some gamers just don’t do the camera thing, which is fine.

I think it might be a good idea, so keep an eye on this space. Keep an eye on @GamerHangout as well.