Gamer Hangout: EverQuest Next thoughts, what we’ve been playing

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This week’s topics:

What Have We been Playing?

– Balrum:…
– Final Fantasy XIV:
– Black Desert Online:…
– Die2Nite:
– Miitomo:
My name is Beau Hindman: You can just google me or find me @Beau_Hindman or at

My cohost is Eboni Wigginton: @EbonisCodes

Guest (and maybe permanent!) hosts are:

Jeremy Stratton: @stratxgaming and at

Cindy M: @Cindy_Adorkly and


Gamer Hangout for May/2/15: What goes into making a character?

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Download the audio right here!

Eboni and Beau sit down to talk about the process behind making a character in a game. And yes, we get to fan fiction!

The blog called “I don’t create character, I lie down on a couch.”

See you in two weeks!

The games that shaped us into the gamers we are

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The show will go live at 8:00 pm EDT!

What we’ve been playing, geeky shoutouts, Steam sharing

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Tonight the panel talks about the games that have been sucking our time, we give shoutouts to geeky stuff and talk about sharing Steam libraries!